Help make The Pain Diaries a full length feature film

The Pain Diaries was a play produced by Deborah Nicholson and featured in Calgary for one week in 2010.  After working at the Chronic Pain Centre and hearing about the experience of a number of patients, Deb felt there was a larger story to be told about the trials and triumphs of chronic pain and the many steps patients take to rebuild their lives.  While entertaining the community, Deb took the opportunity to educate health care professionals, patients, and families.

This year, Deb and her amazing team are planning to make The Pain Diaries into a full-length feature film that can be distributed worldwide, released on DVD, and seen on TV.

Please visit their site for more information and consider contributing to their fundraising campaign:

Imagine the impact The Pain Diaries film could have on chronic pain education around the world.

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