Feb 3 and Apr 7 2014: Chronic Pain Management for the Family Physician MAINPRO-C Course

There are two upcoming dates for the Chronic Pain Management for the Family Physician MAINPRO-C Course:

  • February 3, 2014
  • April 7, 2014


Family physicians are responsible for the majority of the management of chronic pain. Day one of this course will be held in a classroom setting to provide an overview of key issues in Chronic Pain. Days two and three will be arranged as observership days, in conjunction with the Course Coordinator at the Chronic Pain Centre, and will provide a clinical preceptorship that responds to the needs of the individual learner.


1. To gain sufficient knowledge of the physiological, anatomical and psychological mechanisms of pain to be able to explain it in plain language to patients.

2. To know how to assess the biological, psychological, and socio-economic aspects of pain.

3. To acquire some useful tips for managing patients with chronic pain in a primary care setting, including communication skills, medication management, and basic counselling skills.

4. To become aware of the resources available in the community to support patients with chronic pain.

5. To practice interviewing, physical examination, and treatment skills.

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