Resources for Your Patients

Understanding Pain: What to do about it in less than five minutes?


Local Resources in the Calgary Area:

  • Alberta Healthy Living Program – Calgary Zone.  Offers four services as follows:

1) Self-Management Workshops (Better Choices, Better Health®): People take part in a free 6-week workshop. They gain confidence and learn the skills they need to live successful healthier lives, especially if they have any chronic conditions.

2) Group Education Classes: Disease-specific and general topics are offered in different formats and for different lengths of time. The free and interactive classes are led by health professionals or trained volunteers.

3) Supervised Group Exercise Classes: Exercises are supervised and monitored by health professionals. All exercise classes are offered Monday-Friday during the day. One must be able to walk to participate. The exercise program costs $80. Subsidies are available for those who qualify.

4) One on One Nutrition Counselling: Individual appointments with a Registered Dietitian are available free of charge. All appointments are offered Monday-Friday during the day.

For information and to register, call:  (403)-9-Health (403-943-2584).

Online Resources:

  • Chronic Pain Management Online Lectures.  Ten lectures covering Introduction to Pain, This is Your Body, Medications, The Role of Exercise in Managing Pain; Attention and Memory; Nutrition; Pacing in Pain Management; Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Pain; Sleep; and Understanding Medical Investigations & the Health Care System.

            Chronic Pain Management Lecture Series

  • Canadian Pain Coalition Pain Resource Centre.  Information available about chronic pain conditions, management of chronic pain, accessing chronic pain care, pain associations, and more.